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Cataclysmo and the REAL Time Boys

About a month ago I was in California for a business trip. Of course I knew Cataclysmo had been shot in LA, but I would have never thought or hoped I would bump into anything Cataclysmo-related around here.

That was until I walked passed Anthony Parisi in a store in La Habra, OC.

Of course neither he nor I acknowledged it at first. I had only ever seen him on the making-of videos of Cataclysmo and he had seen me in my own little webvideo (). Since we followed each other on Twitter he knew I was in the general LA area… but walking past each other in a random store, at a random hour? Inconceivable!

Or so we thought.

I live in the Caribbean and was in town for a trade show in Anaheim, so the chances of meeting like this was statistically near impossible. But of all the towns in all the world, in all the galaxies, in all the time-periods, in all the burrows, in all the counties, in all the stores, in all the check-out counters… and we walked passed each other in this one.

(Not sure if I just quoted Casablanca or Cataclysmo…)

In any case we twittered each other afterwards («That was YOU?!» — «Yeah! That was YOU?!») and decided to meet if in any way possible for a Cataclysmo-dinner the following week before my departure.

Again I was very fortunate. Most of the crew showed up and I had a veritable Catcalysmo Convention of my own, with a meet-and-greet and…. gorramit!… I was so star-struck I forgot to get their autographs.

Here is a quick video of my meeting with the guys!


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